25 August 2010

Personal Style Profile: Back In Black!

I have been quite busy since I last posted a month ago! (How embarrassing!) BUT, now I am ready to get back back on the Blogging train! First things first, I would like to share an interesting story:

So, as you know, I moved to Grand Rapids about 3 months ago. Everything is going great so far, and I am digging the little city of GR! (Except that Chipotle NEEDS to be downtown!) So, if you're reading this you probably know that before I moved here I decided to go out on a limb and use Facebook to help me get to know people in Grand Rapids so I wouldn't be a total loner or anything like that. So, that whole Facebook thing took it's course, and landed me a nice front page article on the Grand Rapids Press! (Never who have expected that!) So at this point, I am still frantically searching for a job, when I receive a Facebook from Mark Pentecost, the CEO of It Works Global, a health and wellness company with it's world headquarters in Grand Rapids! As fate would have it, he is looking to fill a  Social Media Specialist position, and he wants ME to come in for an interview! Yes, the CEO of this international company read my article, found me on Facebook (of all places) and asks me to come in for an interview! And, as the saying goes, the rest is history. I am now working for It Works Global as a Social Media Specialist and loving every minute of it! It's so funny how well everything worked out.

Ok, back to my Personal Style Profile!

Kept it pretty simple with this ensemble, but sometimes simple just works! I picked up the black shift dress at Goodwill in GR (Best. Goodwill. Ever.) Paired with my black booties from Payless (hey big spender) that are my favorite things ever. I swear the cheapest shoes are ALWAYS the most comfortable?! What really tops the look off are the cat eye sunnies from Forever 21, they give it that parisian feel. All in all, you really can't go wrong with head to toe black!

25 June 2010

Street Style: Brittany Nagelkerk

I stalked Brittany during Blues on the Mall this past Wednesday. It was her stunning red hair that first caught my eye, and instantly sparked jealous thoughts. (I tried to dye my hair red once. It was...bad.) The red hair paired with it's complementary green romper was such a killer color combo. The best part of the look was the unexpected pop of pink strappy sandals! (I always love a bold choice in footwear.) Brit's over the shoulder, sunflower yellow bag added yet another dosage of color. What a babe.

Name: Brittany Nagelkerk
Work: The Children's Place
Style: Simple, Casual, Chic
Fashion Icons: Lauren Conrad, Alexa Chung, Audrey Hepburn
Fave GR Boutique: Little Bohemia

24 June 2010

June GR Style Icons: Flying Without Wingz

Together, Carissa iRAWniQ and Vernon "Spacekid" Carter make up the up and coming Hip Hop/Pop/Electro duo Flying Without Wingz. The group was awarded "Next to Blow" at the 2009 Grand Rapids Hip Hop Awards. Carissa and Vernon both shared a passion for music since their childhood. They didn't take their musical abilities to the next level until early 2009, when they both realized they wanted to take the next step and create their own unique sound. 

And create a unique sound is exactly what they did. Their music mixes elements of hip hop, rock, dance, and electro into an amazing style that is truly all their own. If their music is unlike anything you've ever heard, then their style is really unlike anything you've ever seen. These two realize the importance of a fresh image in the music industry today. "Style and fashion are kind of like a resume for us. You see it before we even open our mouths." If their style is their resume, then they are hired! 

iRAWniQ is sartorially inspired by androgyny, and lists Missy Elliot, Kelis, Amber Rose, and Omaryha MOta Garcia as her fashion influences. She told me, "I think androgyny on the right person is sexy. It goes beyond the stereotypes that women need to show skin to be beautiful." 

V.Carter has an eccentric fashion sense. He mixes it up with different designers like Abstraxx, LRG, and Proof, and experiments with color blocking. "I'll wear weird colors like purple, red, and blue with a gold backpack. And if people look at me like I'm crazy, then mission accomplished." V.Carter lists Pharrell, Andre 3000, and Lupe Fiasco as his fashion influencers. They both said that Premier and All City Kicks are their favorite local GR Boutiques. 

So where do these talented musicians and GR Style Icons get their inspiration? "Our creativity comes from within." These two are inspired anything and everything, and list music and nature as two big influencers. "We love taking approaches that others may overlook. There really is no right answer. We are two people with extremely imaginative minds."

I chose Carissa and Vernon as Style Icons because they are first and foremost true to themselves. Trends go out the window with these two, they just wear what feels right. "We created a word to describe our freshness." they told me during our photoshoot, "It's 'expialidesh'! If no one quite understands our style, that's okay. It may just be intentional." 

Here are the photos from the June 2010 GR Style Icons shoot (Shot by me, and 100% styled by Carissa and Vernon.)

17 June 2010

Street Style: Patricia Askew and Nicki Decker

Patricia and Nicki caught my attention with their festive, summery looks. After the rainy weather, I was glad to see summer wardrobes back in action! Like so many fashionistas on a budget, Patricia and Nicki kept the basic pieces simple, and jazzed it up with accessories. Patricia's menswear inspired blue button down got a dose of feminine with her lace tights, and chandelier earrings. She upped the funk factor with the leg warmers, cute hat, and grecian inspired sandals. Although this outfit has a lot going on, Patricia made it work by keeping the accessories neutral colors, and the whole look really worked! Nicki was dressed in classic Americana summer attire. A romantic flowy white top, paired with light denim. Easy, yet so timeless! She added the turquoise necklace and a big caramel bag for pops of color, and went with the simple flip flop on the feet. 

Name: Patricia Askew
Style: Modern, Vintage, Prep
Fashion Icons: Rihanna, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Heidi Klum
Fave GR Boutique: One Girl's Treasure

Name: Nicki Decker
Work: Trend Specialist at Charlotte Russe
Style: Posh, Retro, Clean
Fashion Icons: Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson
Fave GR Boutique: One Girl's Treasure and Little Bohemia

Street Style: Greg Glenn and Rachael Downer

Style Stalking at Blues on the Mall required me to sift through a lot of leather vests, harley shirts, denim cutoffs, and red bandanas. Luckily, I was able to find a few hidden gems, such as Gregg Glen and Rachel Downer. These two looked more Rodeo Drive than Route 66. Greg was keeping it simple in a white button down, dark denim, and black shades. Classic pieces like these will always work. (Especially on guys as handsome as Greg!) Rachel was totally rocking a plaid mini dress, that she so wisely belted at the waist to show off her amazing body. Her strappy wedge heels are right on trend for the summer, and lengthened her already mile long, bronzed gams. Her perfectly coordinated yellow over the shouder bag was the perfect choice to add some edgyness to an otherwise girly ensemble. These two seriously looked like a million bucks!

Name: Greg Glenn
Work: Business Administration
Style: Classic, Timeless, Simple
Fashion Icons: Clooney and Pitt
Fave GR Boutique: AK Rikks

Name: Rachael Downer
Work: Waitress and recent College Grad!
Style: "Whatever looks good!"
Fashion Icons: Lauren Conrad, Camilla Belle, The Kardashians
Fave GR Boutique: Renee Austin Wedding

16 June 2010

Street Style: Ainsley Schubeck and Joshua Richards

Just as I had shut down my camera and was making my home from Blues on the Mall last week, the sea of people parted before me and there were Ainsley and Joshua. Hand in hand, they walked towards as I blinked my eyes in disbelief. Can one couple really encompass this must fabulousness?! They were really a sight, and they definitely knew it. Ainsley's fire red hair, lacey leggings, patterned shorts, and renaissance inspired top really hit the mark. She was just Stunning with a capital S. But her greatest accessory? The rock star boytoy Joshua. Joshua clearly has his own fashion point of view. The outfit was simple, a white v-neck paired with black jeans, but the accessories made it shine. The Lady Gaga-esque eye makeup was a definite attention getter as well. But really, you guys need to see it to believe it:

Name: Ainsley Victoria Schubeck
Work: Student
Style: Aything and Everything
Fashion Icon: Dita Von Teese
Fave GR Boutique: Little Bohmeia

Name: Joshua Adam Richards
Work: Hairstylist/Makeup Artist
Style: Original, Thrift, Harajuku
Fashion Icons: "No Influences"
Fave GR Boutique: Scavenger Hunt

13 June 2010

Street Style: Seth Prgomelja and Jessica DeYoung

I spotted Seth and Jessica at Rosa Parks Circle during Blues on the Mall. These two were the perfectly coordinated in their monotone color palette, brightened up a bit by Jessica's colorful clutch bag. Jessica's outfit was one part Twiggy, one part Edie Sedgwick, and one part Nancy Spungen. Her striped mini dress and black peep toe pumps showed off her killer legs, and she was definitely turning heads! Seth was all about comfort in his cut off tank and shorts, but his look was the perfect complement to Jessica's ensemble.

Name: Jessica DeYoung
Work: Sushi Kuni
Style: Petite, Creative, Fun
Fashion Icons: Twiggy, Scarlett Johansson 
Fave GR Boutique: Little Bohemia

Name: Seth Prgomelja
Work: None
Style: Dirty, Earthy, Derelict
Fashion Icon: Mad Max
Fave GR Boutique: Tractor Supply Company